About Deadeye Outfitters®

Deadeye Outfitters® is a unique line of apparel developed for the outdoorsman by outdoorsmen. Based out of Nevada, the owners of Deadeye Outfitters® (Nicolai Caviglia, Chris Lacey, Bryan Williams & Jason Williams) have a passion for hunting, fishing, and the outdoor world. By combining award winning wildlife art with our eye catching “Rifle Bore” logo, we are able to create a superior apparel line that will appeal to all outdoor enthusiasts.

Deadeye Outfitters’
® apparel is a step above the competition because all of our designs start with artwork from the award winning wildlife artist and co-owner, Chris Lacey. The hand drawn artwork is then passed off to co-owner Nicolai Caviglia, our graphic design expert. This combination of talent results in a very unique design style. Our customers are not just purchasing another piece of apparel, they are purchasing a piece of artwork.

Additionally, you may recognize in our store one of the oldest brands in hunting and conservation in North America, Boone and Crockett®. Deadeye Outfitters® is pleased to announce that in 2013 it became one of Boone and Crockett's® limited licensing partners to develop their own, one of kind, clothing line. We are both very excited about this relationship and look forward to building a strong product line that portrays the Boone and Crockett Club's® message.

So, are you and your customers or clients passionate about the outdoors? Then…Wear Your Obsession and do what many are already doing, putting on Deadeye Outfitters® apparel